Sample Employment Verification Letter for US Visa Stamping

Sample Employment verification letter for H1B, H4, L or B visa stamping at US embassy. Employer contact, designation, salary and hours of work required.

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  AM22Tech Team    Updated 9 Feb, 24

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Getting the employment verification letter from your US-based employer before visiting the US embassy for a visa interview is strongly recommended.

It is not required but suggested by most attorneys as a visa officer may request more recent employment or sponsorship information even though you have an approved work authorization petition from the USCIS.

Get this sample employment verification letter for H1B, H4, L, or B visa stamping, in original on the employer’s official letterhead.

You have to carry it to the US embassy at the time of the Visa interview.

Validity of Employment Verification Letter For Visa Stamping

The employment verification letter is valid for 4 weeks from the issue date.

There is no guideline from the US embassy for the validity but it is usually acceptable if it was written and signed within the last 4-6 weeks.

A new employment letter, printed on your employer’s official letterhead, should be taken before going to the US embassy for a visa interview.

Employment Verification Letter Content


10-Jan-YYYY [Current DATE]

This is to confirm that Mr. ABC Gupta [YOUR NAME] has been employed with ABC Services [EMPLOYER NAME] since 1 Jan 2010 [JOB START DATE] on a full-time basis as Senior Engineer [YOUR DESIGNATION].

His annual compensation is USD 75,000 [SALARY] per year.

For further queries, you can reach us at +1-123-456-789 [US employer contact number].

Human Resource Manager
[Name, Designation, and Signature]

Write Employment Verification Letter Online

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Is the Deputation letter the same as the Employment Verification Letter?

Many Indian employers provide the ‘Deputation letter’ to their employees before leaving for the USA on H1B or other work visas.

If the deputation letter mentions your name and your US salary, you can use this letter as an ‘Employment verification letter’.

Can I use the employment verification letter for the USA Green Card PERM and I140 filing?

Yes, you can use this letter for PERM and i140 filing.

Can I use this letter for the Australian PR work experience letter?

Yes, this letter can be used for an Australian PR work experience letter. Usually, the assessment agency will ask you to submit this letter with all the relevant details of job responsibilities, job hours, and salary.

You can use our app to write employment verification letters. The app makes sure that you do not miss out on any details.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team