F1 Cap Gap Student OPT Ends Sep 30, H1B Pending, Denial Options?

F1 cap gap student OPT extension ends Sep 30 if H1B pending with USCIS. F1 can stay in US without working. Unlawful presence after Nov 29 if H1B denied.

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The F1 Cap gap means that you can stay in the USA while your H1B Change of status application is pending approval.

USCIS allows an F-1 student who has filed a cap-subject change of status to H-1B, to have his or her F-1 status and any current employment authorization (OPT) extended up to Sept. 30.

This is known as filling the “cap-gap”, which actually is like a bridge to fill the “gap” between the end of F-1 status and the beginning of H-1B status.

  • The “cap-gap” period starts when an F-1 student’s status and work authorization expires.
  • The OPT is automatically extended through Sept. 30 if the H1B application has been filed.
  • The H1B should have the requested start date as Oct. 1 of some year.
  • Cap-Gap ends if the H1B application is denied before Oct. 1.

Cap-Gap occurs because an employer may not have the option of filing H1B for the F-1 student at the time his/her OPT EAD is officially expiring.

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H1B is Denied

H1B can be denied in lottery quota cases and your options to stay in the US vary in different scenarios.

The cap-gap ends on Sep 30 every year and then you get a 60-day grace period. This means that you have until Nov 29 to stay legally in the US.

Hear what attorney Emily Neumann has to say about options after the H1B lottery is denied while you are in the cap-gap period:

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If your H1B lottery application was denied between Oct 1 to Nov 29, you may still continue to be on F1 status.

If the H1B application is denied after Nov 29, which means that your grace period has also expired, then you cannot stay in the US.

The only way you can continue to stay in the US is if you have filed any other application like a change of status from F1 to H4 before Nov 29.


Can F1 stay in the US till H1B reaches Result after Oct 1?

The F-1 student can stay in the USA while the change of status petition is pending without adding unlawful presence, provided they do not work without authorization.

Can we Refile H1B after the Lottery Cap Application is Denied?

You cannot refile an H1B after the denial in the cap-subject lottery.

The only way is to file a new H1B in next year’s H1B season which starts on April 1.

Am I counted in the Cap if Selected in Lottery but H1B is later Denied?

You are not counted in the cap-subject lottery if your H1B application was selected in the lottery but was later denied.

You can file a new H1B again in next year’s cap-subject lottery process.

Can I file an Appeal to Reconsider the H1B Lottery denial?

You can file an appeal with USCIS to reconsider their H1B denial decision.

Can F1 students with valid EAD work after Oct 1?

If an F-1 student with a pending change of status h1B petition has other work authorization (such as an I-765 with valid dates) that is valid even after Sept. 30, he/she can continue to work.

What are the Chances of Approval after the H1B denial Appeal?

The chances of H1B approval after you file an appeal with USCIS are low.

Statistics show that approval chances are between 3 to 10% based on the H1B denial reason and your employer’s paperwork.

How Much Time Do I have to File H1B Denial Appeal?

You get 33 calendar days to file an H1B denial appeal.

Can F1 OPT work after Oct 1 while H1B is Pending?

If a cap-gap H-1B is pending on or after Oct. 1, the F-1 student is no longer authorized to work under the cap gap.

They should stop working on Oct 1 to avoid issues.

When Does my Cap-Gap End?

If the H1B petition is not selected in the lottery, or if the petition is denied after lottery selection, the cap-gap period terminates automatically.

Is cap-gap OPT Extension allowed?

H1B applications filed with a change of status are eligible for cap-gap OPT extension.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team