Form 221g Green Slip After Dropbox (For FingerPrinting?)

Visit US embassy for fingerprinting after dropbox between 10:30 to 11 AM any day, no appointment with original passport, i797. Processing time 3-10 working days.

Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team    Updated 9 Nov, 20

You are eligible for a US visa interview waiver via Dropbox and have received an email with the message “Passport ready for pick up” after dropping the documents in the US visa VFS location.

As soon as you have your passport in your hand, you see that there is no US visa stamp but a light green slip with the message:

Please come to the consulate for fingerprints

Don’t worry. This is a normal process and keep calm as:

  • Your US visa has not been rejected or denied.
  • You just need to get your fingerprints verified by visiting US embassy any day between 10:30 AM to 11 AM as an additional step.

This can happen with any US visa type including B1/B2, H1B, H4, L visa who are going for Dropbox service at any US visa embassy including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or Kolkata.

Although, form 221g is considered a refusal in legal terms, rest assured, your visa is under processing until it shows the status as ‘Refused’ on CEAC site without a pending form 221g.

What is Dropbox Fingerprinting Processing Time?

Dropbox fingerprinting processing time is 3-10 working days. Your passport will be stamped with a US visa after fingerprint verification in the US embassy.

Will there be personal interview after Dropbox fingerprinting Green slip?

There won’t be any personal US visa interview after you receive fingerprinting request unless it has been specifically mentioned in the form 221(g) Green Slip that you have received.

Where Do I go for Dropbox Fingerprinting Request after Dropping Documents?

Fingerprints are taken inside US consulate building where you would normally appear for US visa interview.

The fingerprinting request after dropping documents is made with a specific form-221g.

So, don’t be confused with the VFS center as the time slot is only 1/2 an hour and you do not want to waste time.

For example, If you are visiting Mumbai, you will have to appear for fingerprints at US Embassy Mumbai (BKC – Bandra Kurla Complex).

What are the documents required for Dropbox Fingerprint form 221g?

There are no documents required for fingerprinting after DropBox form 221(g).

You just need to carry your original passport and original visa approval i797 form (if any).

The passport will be kept by the US embassy after fingerprints. Your i797 will be returned to you.

Dropbox Fingerprint Timeline

Once of our guest visitor shared his fingerprinting timeline experience after going through it at Mumbai consulate.

  • Dec 10 – Dropped documents in DropBox for both husband (H1B) and wife (H4).
  • Dec 19 – Date updates on CEAC website with status “Administrative Processing“.
  • Dec 20 – Email Received – “Passport ready for pickup“.
  • Dec 21 – Pick up the passport at VFS center. No H1B or H4 visa stamped. Form 221(g) green slip with message: Fingerprint verification required on any day between 10.30 AM to 11 AM at US Embassy.
  • Dec 21 – Passport tracking status will show: Passport Picked Up. Don’t worry.
  • Dec 27 – Both H1b & H4 appear for fingerprints verification at US consulate.
  • Dec 28 – Fingerprints provided, date updates on CEAC website with status “Administrative Processing“.
  • Dec 29 – CEAC website status Updates to “Issued“.
  • Dec 30 – Email received for wife H4 – Passport ready for pickup.
  • Dec 31 – Pick up Wife’s Passport with H4 visa stamp from VFS center.
  • Jan 2 – Email received for H1B – Passport ready for pickup.
  • Jan 2 – Received my passport with H1B visa stamp from VFS center.

Green Slip vs Form 221g

Dropbox form 221(g) fingerprinting administrative processing is different than the other form 221(g) issued after the visa officer said ‘Visa Approved’ and status still shows Admin processing.

Dropbox’s fingerprinting is just a formality to validate your identity before issuing you a visa stamp.

Form 221g can be issued on any color paper and for various reasons including your past status violations in the US.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team