I-130 Marriage US Green Card Interview Questions at US Embassy

I130 marriage based US green card interview questions at US embassy. Spouse personal details to find fraud. Answer with confidence. Do not fumble. Stay confident.

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  AM22Tech Team    Updated 5 Sep, 21

Here is a collection of I130 family green card interview questions.

It is based on experiences shared by applicants who faced Interviews in the recent months at US Consulates in India including Mumbai, Delhi and others.

These Applicants belong to the CR1, IR1, IR5 and F2A Categories.

I130 Green Card Interview Process

#1 Fingerprints

Expect your fingerprints to be taken at US embassy.

#2 Oath

The interviewee (referred to here on as Applicant) will be asked to raise their right hand and take an oath that all that was submitted was original and true.

#3 Legal Rights

The Interviewing Officer (referred to here on as CO (Consulate Officer)) will ask whether the Applicant is aware of their legal rights – If the applicant has read and understood the Letter handed over to them at the Documents verification window, then the answer would be “Yes”.

#4 Interview:

The CO would proceed to ask questions.

If the visa is approved , then the CO will give the Applicant an Approval Letter, talk about Green Card fees and return the original documents except the passport and medical envelope.

I130 Green Card Interview Questions

#1 General Questions

  • Who is calling you?
  • How, when and where did you meet your spouse / how did you come to know of each other, which social media / what made you decide to use internet to find your spouse?
  • Who proposed, after how long, describe the proposal?
  • Where do they stay (city,state,address) and with whom?
  • How long has your spouse stayed in the US / NJ?
  • How long did you date before getting married?
  • When did you start a romantic relationship?
  • How do you communicate with your spouse / how do you stay in touch / which language do you talk in / does your spouse speak and understand your language?
  • What do you talk on calls / how many times do you talk over the phone / how long?
  • How long have you known each other?
  • How long have you been married?
  • Is this first marriage for both of you / were you / spouse married before, any children?
  • Did you know before hand that your spouse is a divorcee / when did you/spouse get divorced?
  • How many times have you/your spouse been divorced?
  • Why did you/spouse get divorced / what happened in the previous relationship?
  • Why did you start looking for another partner even before you filed for divorce?
  • Why did you get married so soon / immediately after you got divorced?
  • How did your spouse meet their ex spouse, where did your spouse live with their ex spouse, how long did the marriage last?
  • How did you meet your ex spouse, where did you live with your ex spouse, how long did the marriage last?
  • Why/how did your K1 go into AP (Administrative processing) – (if petitioner and applicant -prior to filing i-130; had applied for K1 (fiance visa) that went into an AP)?
  • Did you meet your spouse’s child/children, where and when?
  • What are your spouse’s children’s names and what do they do?
  • How often do you talk to your spouse’s children and what do you talk about?
  • Did your spouse’s children go to school, which subject do they like, do they play sports, which sport do they like?
  • Why didn’t your spouse’s children attend your marriage?
  • Why was your visitor visa rejected (if applicant had applied for a visitor visa while i130 petition was still pending approval)?
  • What are the exact dates of your applications – starting from:
    • I-130 Application
    • I-130 Approval
    • NVC Welcome Letter / Case Creation
    • Case Completion / Documentarily Qualified
    • Interview Letter

#2 I130 Sponsor – Job and Finance Questions

  • What is your spouse doing / what does your spouse do for a living
  • Job title, can you explain more about their job profile
  • How long are they working at the current job
  • How far is their job
  • Are they full time
  • How much do they earn
  • Where did they work before, how many yrs. of work exp do they have, where was their first job
  • Why did they work for only 3 months in 2018
  • Why did they file their tax return as single
  • Which bank accounts do they have
  • Which credit cards do they have
  • What is their credit score
  • Why don’t you have a joint bank account
  • Why don’t you have many financial transactions between the two of you

#3 Marriage Based Questions

  • arranged or love marriage, did anyone arrange your wedding
  • did you guys meet first time at your wedding
  • engagement date
  • anniversary date / when did you get married
  • when was the wedding ceremony, describe it and how many guests attended
  • why didn’t family relatives friends attend the wedding / why did less people attend your wedding
  • was there a temple wedding
  • age difference
  • are you related to each other (cousins) / before marriage
  • did anyone from the US come for the wedding, does your spouse have any friends/relatives/family in US
  • did your spouse’s/your parents attend the wedding
  • show me your pictures,point out to when,where,who in the pictures
  • were your/your spouse’s parents happy that you married your spouse
  • what does your/your spouse’s family think about your marriage / what do your families think about your marriage

#4 Relationship Questions to Check Fraud

  • where did you go for honeymoon
  • where did you go on vacation
  • how long you stayed there
  • where did you travel together and how long were you there
  • any foreign travels / have you stayed outside India
  • which countries have you lived in since the age of 16
  • how come there is no 3rd party affidavit on your family or your spouse’s brothers behalf (if 3rd party affidavits were submitted with i130 only from a few parties)
  • what do you have in common as a couple/ what kind of things do you enjoy doing together
  • what was the last gift that you/spouse gave each other
  • as a couple why did you decide to move to the USA rather than your country
  • how do you picture your life after 5 years
  • do you know any of your spouse’s friends

#5 I-130 Spouse Visits to Home Country

  • tell me about your spouse’s first visit to India
  • when and where did you meet first time, how long they stayed with you
  • after the wedding ceremony, where and how long did they stay with you
  • how long you stayed with your spouse overall / how long was each visit
  • how many times you met
  • how many times they visited you/India
  • when was the last time you saw them / when did they come here last
  • tell me about their last visit
  • did they visit after marriage / how many times after marriage- exact count
  • what are the dates of visits

#6 I-130 Spouse – Personal information to find Fraud

  • what are your favorite traits in your spouse / what do you like/love about your spouse – other than they are a very nice person
  • what are their hobbies
  • what do they do in their free time
  • which college did your spouse go to
  • tell me about their education and future plans
  • does your spouse have a tattoo what does it mean
  • where was your spouse living before
  • does your spouse own or rent the house
  • how much rent do they pay
  • what’s their monthly household expenditure
  • how many pets they have / what are the pets names
  • which car do they drive, make / model / color of the car, previous cars
  • do they own the cars
  • how and when did your spouse enter US
  • how did they get their green card
  • is your spouse a citizen? By birth or naturalized? When did they get naturalized

#7 Family Questions

  • What was your mom’s surname before marriage?
  • What is your mother in laws surname before marriage?
  • Who is in your spouse’s family and what do they do?
  • Spouse’s parents name and where do your spouse’s parents live?
  • How many times have you visited them in your spouse’s absence?
  • Do you talk to your spouse’s mother?
  • How many siblings does your spouse have?
  • What is your spouse’s brothers name, their spouse’s name, their child’s name?
  • What does your spouse’s brother do for a living?
  • Where does your spouse’s brother live?
  • Is your spouse’s brother married?
  • Does your spouse’s brother have kids?
  • Do you talk/visit spouse’s brother?
  • Details about your family?


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team