ICE Arrests University of Farmington Day 1 CPT Students

ICE arrests Day 1 CPT Indian students from University of Farmington. Working without study is not allowed and is violation of US visa terms.

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Fake University of Farmington by Federal Agents

Federal agents created a fake university in Farmington Hills in 2015 to lure phony students who were trying to stay in the United States illegally using Day 1 CPT work permits.

The University of Farmington had no staff, no instructors, no curriculum and no classes but was utilized by undercover Homeland Security agents to identify people involved in Day 1 CPT immigration fraud.

As part of the trap, 8 student recruiters were also recruited by fake university officials to bring more students on a commission basis.

These 8 recruiters were arrested today as they helped at least 600 students stay in the U.S. illegally.

Day 1 CPT student Arrests

On Jan 30, 2019, federal agents arrested dozens of University of Farmington students in nationwide raids at the same time on charges of immigration violations.

Most of the recruiters and students involved are originally from India.

Arrested Indian Students

• Bharath Kakireddy, 29, of Lake Mary, Florida.
• Aswanth Nune, 26, of Atlanta.
• Suresh Reddy Kandala, 31, of Culpeper, Virginia.
• Phanideep Karnati, 35, of Louisville, Kentucky.
• Prem Kumar Rampeesa, 26, of Charlotte, North Carolina.
• Santosh Reddy Sama, 28, of Fremont, California.
• Avinash Thakkallapally, 28, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
• Naveen Prathipati, 29, of Dallas.

Homeland Security agents started posing as university officials in February 2017. The recruiters helped foreign citizens fraudulently obtain immigration documents from the university and helped create phony student records, including transcripts.

Day 1 CPT is dangerous and can spoil your career in the US. If you are caught, you may be barred from entering the US for multiple years.

Source: Detroit News


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team