Annexure D for Child Indian Passport Renewal – Parent sign required

Annexure D is required for Indian child passport renewal while living outside India. Both parents need to sign this affidavit declaring that child is an Indian citizen.

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  AM22Tech Team    Updated 10 Mar, 24

The Indian Embassy requires Annexure D for child passport renewal and other Indian OCI services in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, and others.

Annexure D is an affidavit by parents of an Indian-origin child to declare that they are a citizen of India and the child is maintaining his/her Indian citizenship.

Annexure D Online

You can create Annexure D online by using AM22Tech’s app. The app validates and fills the affidavit as per the Indian government format.

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What is Legal Guardian on Annexure D?

A legal guardian is a person who is legally taking care of the child in the absence of the parents.

Example: If none of the child’s parent are alive or are not officially caring for the child, there may be a legal guardian.

This legal guardian can sign Annexure D to apply for the child’s passport.

Is Aadhar mandatory for Annexure D?

Aadhar is not mandatory for Annexure D.

You can provide a passport number, an Aadhar number, or a voting ID card number to validate your identity.

This number should be mentioned on the affidavit next to your signature.

Will the passport application be denied if we do not provide Annexure D?

Annexure D is mandatory for a child’s passport renewal. Your application can be denied by the Indian embassy if you do not properly sign and attach this to your application.

Father has an Aadhar card but mother does not. What should we do?

It is okay to provide different identity numbers for the father and mother.

For example: the Father can provide his Aadhar card number while the mother can provide her passport number, Aadhar number, or voter ID card number.

Should Annexure D be printed on Stamp paper?

Annexure D can be printed on plain A4 size white paper. Signing should be done by each parent using a black or blue pen.

Printing on stamp paper is not required.

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Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team