Annexure F/L for Lost/Damaged Indian Passport Renewal

Create Annexure F/L or affidavit for lost or damaged for passport renewal with Indian embassy. NRIs need to provide non-Indian address and travel details.

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  AM22Tech Team    Updated 27 Jun, 24

The Indian Embassy requires Annexure F for lost or damaged passport renewal and other Indian OCI services in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, and others.

In the Netherlands, the same Affidavit F is known as Annexure L.

This affidavit declares the details of how the passport was lost or damaged. The format of the affidavit varies a bit by the Indian embassy in the country where you are applying for a passport.

We have an app that you can use to create this Affidavit without worrying about the format. It automatically picks the correct format based on your country.

You will need to declare your last 3 addresses and the page numbers of the entry and exit stamps if you are an NRI (Non-resident Indian).

Annexure F/L Lost Damaged passport online

The app creates a pre-filled PDF file with all the required information for Annexure F. You can then upload it or send it with your passport renewal package.

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What is TR Concession?

The TR concession on Annexure F means ‘transfer of residence’.

Transfer of Residence is an option to save Indian customs duty if you want to move to India after a stay abroad of at least two years. You can take most personal and household items without paying Indian customs duty with some exceptions.

The question on the Affidavit “Have you availed TR concession” can be answered as No if you have not used this transfer of residence option anytime in the past.

FT Allowance Meaning?

FT allowance on Annexure F means ‘Fund Transfer’ allowance.

Normally, when you travel abroad from India, you buy foreign currency for travel needs. This is usually mentioned on the last pages of your passport by the bank or the agent who gave you the money.

If something like this was mentioned on your passport, then please select ‘Yes’ and provide details.


Is Annexure F mandatory for passport renewal?

Annexure F is required in case your most recent passport was lost or damaged.

Can I fill out Annexure F passport with a pen?

You can fill the Annexure F by handwriting it with a pen.

I am an NRI, where should I file the police report for a lost passport?

You should file a police report in the country of your residence for a lost passport.

If you live in the USA and your Indian passport was lost in France while you were on vacation, you will file the police report at France’s local police station.

Then, you will fill this Annexure F and apply for a new Passport with the Indian Embassy in France.

Is a police report required for a damaged passport?

No, the police report is not required for a damaged passport.

Is notarization required for Annexure F?

Notarization is required for Annexure F.

You can get it notarized from a local notary at the place of your residence.

For example, In Australia, the ‘justice of peace’ representative can notarize Annexure F.
Similarly, in the USA, the notary at bank, or mail offices like USPS/UPS or a local library can attest with their sign and stamp.

Can I travel with a water-damaged passport?

You may not be allowed to travel with water water-damaged passport.

A passport is considered damaged if its biometric pages which contain your photo, name, and passport barcode are damaged.

In most cases, the immigration of the destination country may not allow you to enter even if the Passport number, name, and photo are intact but pages of the passport are damaged beyond recognition.

We strongly advise you to get the passport reissued if you have any kind of small or significant damage irrespective of whether it is done by water or not to avoid travel issues.

How do I fill VFS Annexure F when It has no space for filling details?

The specimen provided by VFS does not have enough space to fill in the details on their ANeexure F sample.

We suggest using our app to fill Annexure F as it takes care of all the spacing and makes sure that you do not miss any required details.

Please note that the Indian embassy or VFS will reject your application if you miss any details on the Annexure F affidavit.

Is a photocopy of the lost passport required?

A photocopy of the old passport is not required in case of lost/damaged/stolen passport.
It should be shared if it is available though.

You should provide passport details like passport number, Date of issue, Date of expiry, and place of issue.
If you do not have that information, then contact the respective Indian embassy for information on how to get the new passport.

It is important to scan your passport and keep it in Google Drive or a similar cloud service for easy access.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team