How to Renew Green Card EAD (i765) While i485 Is Pending?

File i485 EAD renewal without attorney. Use app to validate & fill form. Mail to USCIS before expiry to get 180 day auto extension.

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How to file i485 EAD myself without an attorney?

  1. Fill out simple EAD application form i765,
  2. Attach supporting documents,
  3. Send it to USCIS. You are done.

Green Card EAD allows people waiting for their green card approval to work legally in the US along with other benefits. You can apply for i485 only if you are filing i485 when your priority date is current or i485 is pending.

An H1B visa holder waiting for his GC approval can use the i485 EAD to work without any employer or location restrictions.

Green Card EAD Form Online

You can use this app to fill the form, validate all, and make sure the form is not rejected or an RFE is sent by USCIS:

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Documents for i485 EAD Application

#1 Photo (2)

Two identical 2×2 inch photographs clicked within the last 30 days are required for the EAD application.

Do not send an old photo with the I-765 application as USCIS will send RFE to submit new photos. This will increase your EAD processing time.

You can get photos clicked at Costco, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens as they know the US passport-size photo specifications.

#2 EAD Form I-765

Download and fill USCIS i765 form yourself.

To make it easy, you can also use our app to fill out this form. The app validates and checks all form fields to make sure you do not make any mistakes or leave anything to chance.

App has been designed to make sure USCIS does not reject your form. The app picks up the correct i765 form version automatically and fills all the required fields for you.

i485 EAD form using app
i485 EAD form using the app

You can use this app to fill out the EAD form, validate all, and make sure the form is not rejected or an RFE is sent by USCIS.

#3 Most Recent i94 (Optional)

If you have a valid i94, please include it.


People who are using their H1B, L, or H4 visas to keep staying and working in the USA, will have a valid i94.

  • If an extension was approved recently, the new i94 would be attached to your approval (i797) notice.
H1B i797 with attached i94
H1B i797 with attached i94

#4 Government-issued Photo ID Document

Any one document from this list:

  • Copy of Passport’s front (with Photo) and back pages (with address) OR
  • A copy of your last i485 EAD – Both front and back (if any) OR
  • A birth certificate with a photo ID. For example, an Indian (or Chinese) birth certificate will work only if it has a photograph on it. OR
  • Any other national identity document with a photo. US State ID or Driving License is NOT acceptable.

#5 Relationship with Primary Applicant

If your i485 was filed based on your spouse’s employment, then including a copy of your marriage certificate in English is recommended.

If you filed i485 in the family green card queue, then we suggest adding a passport page where it shows the parent’s name.

#6 EAD Eligibility Proof

#7 Current EAD copy for Renewal

An existing EAD copy is required only if you already have an EAD and you are applying for renewal or extension.

#9 Form G1145 (Optional but recommended)

Use form G1145 to let USCIS send you an SMS or an email once they receive your application. Attach this form at top of the EAD application package.

Only a black color ink pen is allowed as USCIS uses computer scanning to read forms.

Do NOT staple the documents. Use a paper clip to bind them together.

Green card i485 EAD Fees

USCIS added an EAD application fee starting 1 Apr 2024 for people who will be filing new i485. Anyone who filed i485 before 1 Apr, 2024 will still be eligible for free filing.

  • If you filed your i485 on or after 1 Apr 2024, then, your i485 EAD application fee is $260.
  • If you filed i485 before 1 Apr 2024, then there is no fee for i485 EAD renewal. It is FREE.

Biometric – Fingerprints

Every adult will receive a biometric appointment notice for their EAD application.

We suggest filing both i485 EAD and Advance parole at the same time unless the validity of each of them is separate.

If you filed both EAD and AP together, you will get one biometric appointment for both.

Apply SSN with EAD

If you do not currently have SSN, select ‘No’ on Q 13.a. and then select ‘Yes’ on Q 14 and Q 15.

You will have to fill Q 16.a., 16.b. with your (H4’s) father and mother’s name to get an SSN card.

Your SSN card will be automatically generated after your EAD is approved within 3-4 weeks and mailed by USPS.


What is i485 EAD Processing Time?

The current EAD processing time is 7 to 12 months. It changes every month with each USCIS service center.

What is the i485 EAD eligibility Category?

The i485 EAD category code is C(9).

How Much Time does It take to get an i485 EAD Card After the ‘new Card is Being Produced’ Status?

You will receive your EAD card within 1-7 working days after New Card is Being Produced case status.

Which i94 Number Should Be Written On the EAD form?

You should write your most recent i94 number Question 21a.

What is the Reason for Applying for H4 EAD?

Choose option 1.a. for Question 1 on the EAD form if you are applying for EAD for the first time.

For EAD renewal applications, choose the renewal option as 1. c.

If you had any kind of EAD before (like L2-EAD or H4-EAD), then you can consider EAD as a new EAD.

When Can We Apply for EAD Renewal?

You can apply for EAD renewal 180 days before the current EAD card expiry.

What is the Place of Last Arrival in the US on Form I-765?

You should write the name of the Airport or border that you used to enter the US.

For some people, this airport might be a non-US airport like Abu Dhabi where they complete the US immigration process at Abu Dhabi airport itself.

I would suggest writing either the “Port of Entry/Exit” as “MAA – ABU DHABI INTL” or the name of the US airport where you landed first.

For example, if you landed at Washington Airport after completing the immigration process at Abu Dhabi airport, your i94 record will show the “MAA – ABU DHABI INTL” as the port of entry.

You can then either write “Washington Airport” or “MAA – ABU DHABI INTL”.

Can I travel While i485 EAD is Pending?

You can travel while EAD is pending as long as you have approved Advance parole.

There are some things that you should consider when you travel while i485 is pending.

Can I Work if my Current Card Expired and Extension Is Pending?

i485 EAD cardholders can work up to 180 days if the current card has expired.

What address should I Mail the EAD Application to?

Check the USCIS address to mail the EAD application using the i485 receipt number.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team