USCIS Application Withdrawal Letter with Receipt Barcode

USCIS Sample Application withdrawal letter for H4-EAD, I-765 or any petition. Receipt notice, withdrawal reason required. Check receipt number to find USCIS office.

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USCIS Sample Application withdrawal letter can be used to cancel any pending application with the US immigration department. 

The USCIS withdrawal letter does not need notarization.

You should send a withdrawal letter by certified mail or registered mail preferably by USPS and use tracking simply to have legal proof that you sent this letter.

You can also use FedEx or UPS mail with tracking if it is more convenient for you.

We recommend keeping a scanned copy of the letter as well as you may be doing it for all your immigration documents.

You can use our app to write this letter in PDF format and then you can save that PDF file on Google Drive or any other cloud service.

How to Create USCIS Withdrawal Letter

Create USCIS application withdrawal letter now

#1 Enter Application Type

Select the name of the form you want to withdraw.

You can even generate this letter to withdraw the application filed using the online USCIS account. At this time, you have to send the withdrawal letter physically for online applications too.

Your USCIS application receipt number, receipt date, its current status are required.

USCIS application withdrawal letter receipt details
USCIS application withdrawal letter receipt details

USCIS should be able to use this information to find your application in its system.


  • To withdraw H4, F2, or L2 extension application, you can choose the i-539 application to adjust the status. If your filed i539 online on the USCIS website, the receipt number will probably start with the IOE code.
  • To withdraw a pending I-130 application for a family green card, you can write I-130 Petition for Alien Relative.

#2 Withdrawal Reason

The reason for withdrawing the application is optional but it is recommended.

The app will add the default line automatically even if you do not specify it. As an example, here is the image that shows what will be written in the final letter:

Reason of withdrawing USCIS pending application
Reason for withdrawing USCIS pending application

#3 Enter Personal Details

It is important to enter the correct details about your application. Enter the name exactly as it appears on the USCIS application form.

Use the same passport details that you would have entered and submitted on the official USCIS form.

Enter passport details for USCIS withdrawal letter
Enter passport details for the USCIS withdrawal letter

#4 A-Number

We strongly recommend mentioning the Alien number if you have one. If you do not have any number assigned or you do not know what it is, you can leave it blank.

A number details for withdrawal of USCIS application
A number of details for withdrawal of USCIS application

#5 Contact Details

The next step is to enter your current residential address.

Make sure that you enter the correct email and phone number which can be used to reach you. As a matter of fact, USCIS does not usually reach out to you using email or phone numbers directly.

They usually use the standard USPS mail communication and send official printed mail if they need anything from your side.

The details you mention here do not affect the USCIS online account where you can add a notification email and phone number too.

Contact details
Contact details

#6 Sign Date & Place (Optional)

You can opt to print the signing date and place it on the letter. If you do not provide these details, the app will still create the document and then you can write it by hand later when you are ready to send it to the USCIS.

Sign place and date on withdrawal form
Sign place and date on the withdrawal form

Printing Receipt Barcode

You can select the option of automatically generating and printing the receipt bar code on your USCIS application withdrawal letter.

  • Adding a Bar code helps USCIS scan and locate your case file easily.
  • Attorneys recommend it to make it easier for USCIS and help them take fast action.

Since this is a premium feature, you can pay for it and get it embedded automatically.

Sample Barcode printed on the final letter:

USCIS application withdrawal-letter with barcode
USCIS application withdrawal letter with barcode

Once you have entered all the details, you can order your letter. This will validate all the data required to create the ‘USCIS withdrawal letter‘.

Create USCIS application withdrawal letter now

It will also create your letter and send it directly to you at your registered email address securely.

The email can take 1-5 minutes to arrive. Do check your mailbox SPAM folder to verify the email.

USCIS application withdrawal letter email by am22tech
USCIS application withdrawal letter email by am22tech

Sample Letter

Sample USCIS application withdraw letter
Sample USCIS application withdrawal the letter

Withdraw Visa Petition Before USCIS Approval

If the application has not yet been approved or denied by USCIS, it’s easy to cancel or withdraw it by sending a letter to USCIS.

There is no official withdrawal USCIS form.

You need to know the USCIS office that’s currently handling the petition/ Application.

We strongly recommend sending a copy of the USCIS receipt notice with your withdrawal application.

You should also write the reason for withdrawal. USCIS does not care about the reason as long as they do not sense any fraud.

Application Withdraw Processing Time

There is no defined processing time by USCIS for the withdrawal requests.

The only proof you have is the ‘certified mail’ that you send and the scanned copy of the letter.

You can assume to have done the withdrawal that day it is received by USCIS.

If any issue is raised by USCIS later with respect to your withdrawal or current status, you can submit the certified mail receipt and copy of the letter as proof that you did request a withdrawal.


Can I withdraw my pending H4 application if my H1B has been approved?

You can withdraw your pending H4 application if your H1B has been approved and you want to continue using it.

You will need to select Form I-539 while generating the withdrawal form.

Can I withdraw the Affidavit of Support form I-864 or I-134 using the withdrawal letter?

Our app does not allow you to withdraw Forms I-864 or I-134 as these are not normally withdrawn by the USCIS.

USCIS allows you to withdraw any pending applications that have not reached a result.

If you submitted Form I-864 with a Green card sponsorship application with Form I-130, then you can withdraw it and I-864 will also be automatically withdrawn.

Similarly, if your submitted Form I-134 with a B1/B2 visa application for your parents or relatives, then you can withdraw that B1/B2 application and get rid of Form I-134 too at the same time.

How to withdraw Pending Asylum Application?

You should select Form I-589 Application for Asylum and then enter your receipt details.

Please make sure that you choose the correct service center for the receipt number which usually has codes starting with a ‘Z’ like ZAC, ZAR, ZCH, ZBO, ZHN, ZLA, ZMI, ZNK, etc.

Can an attorney withdraw my USCIS application?

An attorney can send the withdrawal letter to USCIS on your behalf if you have hired them to do so. The attorney will need your authorization and signature on this letter.

They will usually charge for their services.

If you want to avoid an attorney fee, you can send this letter yourself to USCIS directly at the mailing address printed on your official receipt notice.

Can I withdraw my H1B application as an employee?

An employee cannot withdraw their H1B application. Your employer has to send the withdrawal letter to the USCIS.

If you are an employer and using the app to create an I-129 withdrawal letter, please use the passport details of the employee while entering the contact details of the employer or its attorney.

Can I withdraw my Parent’s pending B1/B2 extension request if they have left the US already?

You can withdraw your parent’s pending visitor visa extension application.

You will need their own signature on this withdrawal letter as the application to extend was also filed by them while they were in the US.

Or if your parents have authorized you to be their attorney, you can file the application on their behalf but their signature would still be required for this authorization on the withdrawal letter.

We recommended generating this letter while your parents are in the US without the place and date. That way, you can use this letter later to withdraw the pending visitor visa extension application if they leave.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team