How to Apply Canada Visitor Visa (with Sample Travel Itinerary)

Canada visitor visa application for 10 yrs or passport expiry date. Biometric required. Online application faster without interview. Sample Travel Itinerary.

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Canada visitor visas can be obtained without even a visa interview. Canada has a very streamlined process to send your passport and get the stamped visitor visa by postal mail.

Canada visa officer will decide if an interview is required for your specific case and call you if one is needed.

If you have any US visa stamped in your current or old passport like a US B1/B2 or any work visa like H1B, L visa, the chances are very high that you will get a Canadian visitor visa without an interview.

Documents Required

#1 Passport

All old expired and current valid passport color copies.

Scan the following pages preferably using your smartphone app or a scanner at home:

  • Frontpage showing your photo
  • Last page showing your address
  • All existing entry-exit stamps in the passport
  • All valid or expired visa stamps from any country

You can use various apps and cloud storage services to scan and keep all your visa documents easily accessible.

#2 Bank statement

Showing last 3-month bank balance.

Make sure you have enough money to pay for your Canada trip as per your itinerary.

I suggest using your salary account which shows pay credits.

#3 Employment Letter

If you are currently employed in your country, an employment verification letter is recommended.

#4 Current Country Valid Status

If you are applying for a Canadian visa in a country that is not the same as your passport, then you need to provide proof of valid status.


If you are working in the US on an H1B visa with an Indian passport, you need to provide your valid H1B i797 copy as proof.

#5 Scanned Photograph

You can get your passport-size photo created online as you would need it for uploading with your application.

Your photo will be taken again at the VFS center.

#6 Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary resident Visa) – IMM 5257

#7 Application for Temporary Residence – IMM 5257 Schedule 1

#8 Family Information Form – IMM 5645

#9 Last 3 months Pay Slips

#10 Marriage Certificate (if married) and applying as a family

#11 Travel Itinerary – The sample is given below

#12 Visa Fees Payment Receipt

You can pay online by credit/debit card.

There are no extra surcharges but it may vary based on the country you are applying from.

Online Process

#1 Create an account on the Canada CIC website.

If you already have a login, you can simply sign in using your GCKey (basically the Canadian CIC website password).

The solution to log-in loop error Canada CIC website.

#2 Upload all required documents and apply.

#3 An email is received for the biometric letter.

Print the Biometric letter and make an appointment.

You get 30 days to give your fingerprints after the Biometric letter has been generated. The last date will be mentioned in the letter too.

What to expect at USCIS ASC Center biometric experience in the USA.

#4 Once biometrics is done, you will wait for a decision on your application.

#5 You will get an email once a decision is made. You will be asked to submit your passport.

Passport Request Letter

Once the visa officer has processed your application, you will get an email and a letter will be available in your CIC dashboard.

The chances are 99% that your visa has been approved if you get a passport submission request.

You can submit your passport within 30 days of the passport request.

Canada visa passport request letter
Canada visa passport request letter

#6 Submit your passport.

You can expect your passport back with a visa stamp within 1-3 working days.

Visa Processing Time

The Canada visitor visa processing time is 21-40 calendar days.

This timeline is shown from a real Canada visitor application where the application was submitted online on Sep 15.

Biometric was completed on Sep 23 at the VFS Canada Application Center in Sydney, Australia.

Canada visitor visa processing time
Canada visitor visa processing time

Sample Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary

PURPOSE: My purpose is to take a short tourism trip to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side while going to the USA. 

Here is what I plan to do:

Sep 16 – Take a flight from Sydney, Australia to Toronto, Canada. 

Sep 17 – Arrive in Canada. I plan to stay at the Holiday Inn in Niagara Falls.

Sep 18 – Visit CN tower in the morning. Visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side in the afternoon. 

Sep 19 – Take a flight from Canada to Dallas, USA

Please note that in the event I do not obtain a Canadian visitor visa in time to be able to book the flight tickets for these dates, I will plan to visit Canada from the USA if I have a visitor visa at that time.

Trip Cost Planning

Cost TypeEstimated cost
Flight ticket from Australia to CanadaUSD $1050
Hotel stay cost (2 nights)USD $500
Niagara Falls and the CN tower sightseeingUSD $200
Food and Taxi travelUSD $200
TotalUSD $1950


Is Biometric Required for Canadian Visa?

You will need biometrics if you have never given your fingerprints for any Canadian Visa in the last 10 years.

How long is Biometric Valid for Canada?

Canadian biometrics is valid for 10 years.

How much are Canada Biometric Fees?

Canadian Biometric fees are CAD $85 at this time and CAD $170 if applying with a family.

Is Appointment Required for Biometric?

You need a biometric appointment. VFS manages the biometric process for a Canadian visa.

It takes about 15 minutes to take fingerprints but waiting time depends on each VFS center and their individual workload.

Is Online application faster than physical paper?

Online Canadian visitor visa application is faster than physical application by at least 10 working days.

Your application saves time on postal mail and you can get your visa faster.

Is Biometric Collection Letter Required?

A biometric collection letter is required for a biometric appointment.

You will get this letter online in your CIC account after you have submitted your application.

The biometric letter is generated about 1-2 days after your submission.

Canada visitor visa biometric letter processing time

Is Canada Visitor Visa Issued for 10 years?

A Canadian visitor visa is issued for 10 years or up to the passport validity date.

Example: If your passport validity is less than 10 years, then the Canada visitor visa validity date will be the same as your passport expiry date.

How many days do we get to Submit a Passport?

You can submit your passport within 30 days of the passport request.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team