Multiple H1B Jobs at Same Time In Different Fields (Concurrent H1B)

Multiple h1B jobs at same time with Concurrent H1B. Jobs can be in different fields, specialty occupation. Primary H1B employer not required to be informed.

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USCIS allows H1B holders to work at multiple places if they have explicitly applied for ‘concurrent H1B‘.

Concurrent H1B is different than two separate H1B approvals which you normally have in case you get the H1B transfer approved along with the extension.

What is Concurrent H1B?

Concurrent H1B means that an H-1B worker is employed by one or more employers at the same time.

This essentially means that USCIS allows you to work on multiple jobs if you have approved ‘CONCURRENT‘ H1Bs.

This can be understood as:

  1. Primary H1B (This H1B is not required to know about secondary employer)
  2. Secondary H1B (This H1B i-129 application form should have explicit mention of primary H1B employer)


A Software Engineer working with Employer A’s H1B full-time can also work as a system consultant for Employer B.


Can I work in H1B status for two different employers if the jobs are in completely different fields?

You can work with multiple employers on H1B even when the jobs are in completely different fields.

The expertise has to be proved with the same level of documentation as used for the primary H1B application.

The second employment also should be eligible for an H1B visa’s specialty occupation criteria.

How can I apply for Concurrent H1B?

You have to find an employer who can sponsor you and can file a ‘concurrent’ H1B for you.

As an individual, you cannot apply it directly with USCIS.

Which H1B information is mentioned on DS-160?

You should mention the primary H1B with full-time employment on DS 160 form for visa stamping.

When Can I start working on Concurrent H1B for my Second employer?

You can start working for the second employer on the USCIS receipt.

There is no need to wait for USCIS approval.

How many hours per week can I work on second H1B employment?

There is no limit on the number of hours you can work using concurrent H1B.

Both primary and secondary H1B can work for 40 hours a week separately.

Can I have two full-time jobs on H1B for different employers? Both of them are work-from-home projects.

Yes, it is legally possible to have two full-time concurrent H1Bs and work on two full-time jobs from your home.

But, the chances are low for second full-time H1B approval unless USCIS is satisfied that you can really work 80 hours per week.

Is Specialty Occupation Required for Concurrent H1B?

The Concurrent H1B is also required to be a specialty occupation.

It must meet all other requirements of a regular H1B petition too like an employer-employee relationship, concrete project information, and client letters.

Does my primary H1B employer get information about my second H1B employer?

USCIS does not explicitly send information about second employer B’s concurrent H1B to primary H1B (first employer A).

You are also under no obligation to inform your primary H1B employer A about employer B.

On the other hand, Employer B has to be informed about Employer A’s H1B. This is because Employer B has to specifically mention it in the H1B application that is is a ‘CONCURRENT‘ H1B.

How Many Concurrent H1Bs Can I Hold?

There is no official limit on how many Concurrent H1B’s you can hold simultaneously.

But you should be careful with the total number of hours per week that you plan to work.

USCIS may not approve the concurrent H1B if they think that it is not practically possible to work as per your claims.

Is Concurrent H1B visa stamping required?

You do not need to apply for a “second stamping” for your concurrent H1B job.

It is sufficient that you have one valid H1B visa “stamp” in your passport to re-enter the USA if you travel outside.

You should carry the following as proof though:
2nd concurrent H1B’s USCIS i797 Approval Notice, 3 most recent pay stubs for each H1B job, and an employment verification letter by each employer.

What is Concurrent H1B Fees?

The concurrent H1B filing fees are the same as a standard H1B application. Premium processing is available too.

Can I hold L1 and H1B at the same time?

You can hold L1 and H1B work visas at the same time but can only use one of them at a time to work in the USA.

You cannot use both at the same to do multiple jobs.

Can I hold H4 EAD and H1B at the same time?

You can have both an H4 EAD card and H1B at the same time but can only use one of them at a time for your employment in the USA.

H4 EAD can only be used if your i94 shows your status as H4.
You cannot have more than one status at one time in the USA.

Is i140 Processing Affected by Concurrent H1B?

I140 processing is not affected by multiple H1Bs.

Can we File Concurrent H1B at the time of the lottery?

You cannot file concurrent H1B applications at the time of the lottery.

A lottery application means that you need to go through the H1B quota at least once.

Once you have got the H1B lottery selection, then you can file another secondary H1B as a concurrent H1 B once you are in the USA.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team