i485 Adjustment of Status Document Checklist (Employment-Based)

List of documents for filing employment based i485 adjustment of status green card application in USA. FBI clearance, Hindu, islamic marriage certificates, passport.

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Are you ready to file an i485 application for a green card? Here is a complete list of documents that you will need to get Green card approval.

Documents Required


#1 Form I-485 – for Green card

This form is called ‘adjustment of status’ because you are asking USCIS to change your status from a current visa like H1B or L to a permanent resident (Green card)

#2 Form I-765 – for Employment Authorization (Optional but recommended)

You can use this app to fill out the EAD form, validate all, and make sure the form is not rejected or an RFE is sent by USCIS.

You are eligible to file an i-485 EAD along with your green card application.

#3 Form I-131 – for Advance Parole (Optional but recommended)

Fill USCIS Advance Parole Form Online

AP or Advance parole is used to return to the US instead of your H1B or L work visa while your I-485 is pending.

You may use the advance parole for returning to the US but there are some important points to consider before you take this step. It affects your ability to return to H1B, L1, or K visa status.

The i485 denial should also be kept in mind while deciding to use advance parole.

#4 Form I-693 (Medical Report)

This form is required to be filled out by your doctor (should be accredited by USCIS) to certify your health.

Here is the complete step-by-step process, costs, and issues for the USA green card medical test.

They will check your TB (tuberculosis) and other communicable diseases presence and your Green card can be denied if you have a medical issue.

Fill i-693 form easily

You can find a doctor in your area using the USCIS doctor search facility.

The doctor will issue the report in a sealed envelope and it should be submitted to USCIS as it is (without opening). If you open it to see your results, your report will not be acceptable to USCIS.

  • You can avoid filing form i693 and save the doctor’s fee if you think that your PD date will not get current in the next 24 months.
  • The doctor’s report is only valid for 24 months.
  • USCIS will send an RFE as and when your date is current and then you can submit this form i693.

#5 I-140

You will need to submit your approved i-140 i-797 copy.

If you are waiting for your i140 approval, you can upgrade it to premium to save time.

Sample i140 approval notice - i797
Sample i140 approval notice – i797

I140 can be filed concurrently with i485 too after your PERM approval.

#6 Supplement J (Optional)

Confirmation of job offer (on Form I-485 Supplement J) if you have changed the job after filing i485.

#7 Form I-864 (Optional)

An affidavit of Support form is required for all dependents in your family that you will support with your income.

#8 Form G1145

This form is for getting notifications as soon as the USCIS accepts your application. They send an email and a text message on your mobile if you send this form.

Fill G-1145 Form online using our app

We strongly recommend filling out this form and keeping it at the top of your application bundle.

Personal Documents

Personal documents are required for each member of the family separately.

#1 Birth Certificate

You will need your birth certificate in English.

It should have been issued by the relevant government authority from your country of birth.

What to do if a Birth Certificate is not available?

Sample Indian Birth Certificate for USA Green Card, Australia or Canada PR
Sample Indian Birth Certificate for USA Green Card, Australia or Canada PR

You will need to get it translated to English and notarize it if it is in other languages like Chinese, Hindi, Gujarati, etc.

The name field is blank on my birth certificate?

You can write the name on the birth certificate by hand. This usually happens in countries like India where electronic computer-generated certificates are being issued these days and they have no record of the name from the past.

You can write the name by hand on the computer-generated birth certificate.

If unavailable or does not exist, provide other evidence of birth such as

  • a church certificate
  • school (like a Class X mark sheet in India), or
  • medical records, and
  • proof of unavailability or nonexistence, if applicable – get a letter from your home country’s authorized government agency that a birth certificate cannot be issued.

#2 Passport

Your most recent valid passport copies (all pages including blank) are required.

  • Your old expired passport copies are required only if they have any US Visa stamps. Blank pages for old expired passports are not required.
  • Copies of any lost or stolen passport are required too if you have them.
  • Copy of your passport that was used to enter the USA anytime in the past.

I always recommend keeping a scanner at home and scanning and saving everything for that rainy day.

#3 All prior i-94 copies, i-797 approvals, I-20, EAD card, Passport

Collect all prior i94 copies.

Get i94 from CBP website
Get i94 from the CBP website
  • Online i94: Most i94 copies can be downloaded from the CBP i94 website. If you ever entered the USA through a land border in Mexico or Canada, then you may have paper I94 too. This is generally updated online on the CBP website.
  • Paper i94 copies may not be available online. You will find them attached to your i797 approvals.

#4 Six (6) passport-style photographs

You need 6 Passport-size photos clicked within the last 30 days as per US size (2×2 inch).

  • 2 Photo for i-485 (Green Card)
  • 2 Photo for i-765 (EAD)
  • 2 Photo for i-131 (Advance parole)

You can reduce the number of pictures if you are not applying EAD and AP with your i485.

This is the same as you would have gotten for a US visa application. Your photos and fingerprints will also be taken at the USCIS ASC Biometric Center.

You can get these pictures clicked at Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens. Walmart is the cheapest here selling 2 pictures for $8 whereas CVS and Walgreens charge double the amount for 2 pictures.

Passport photos online would be a cheaper option as compared to a retail store.

#5 Driver License

Copy of current valid driver’s license.

Spouse & Dependent Documents

You need to provide all personal documents as mentioned above for your spouse and each kid separately.

Additional documents required for dependents:

#1 Marriage Certificate

A copy of your marriage certificate is required for your spouse.

Check what all proofs can be used for Indian marriage (Hindu, Islamic style, etc.).

Hindu marriage act certificate
Hindu Marriage Act Certificate

#2 Child Relationship Proof

Proof of relationship as a child to the principal applicant is required.

  • A child’s BIRTH certificate can act as proof of the family unit if it has a father and mother’s name.
  • A child’s passport, if mentions the parent (applicant) name can be used as evidence of the family unit.

#3 Divorce Certificate (if Any)

Get a free divorce Consultation by lawyers.com if you are thinking of separating before getting a green card!

Traffic Tickets

Should I mention my traffic tickets on the i-485 application is a common question and here is the answer.

Unless the traffic incident was alcohol or drug-related, do not include incidents where you were not arrested and the only penalty was a fine of less than $500 and/or points on your license.

Traffic CitationInclude on i-485
Drug/Alcohol-related (DUI)YES
I was arrestedYES
Speeding, Red Light, other tickets MORE than $500YES
Speeding, Red Light, other tickets LESS than $500 and/or pointsNO

Another important detail required on the I485 form is about arrests.

Have you ever been arrested or detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason?

  • What was the reason for the arrest or detention?
  • What law enforcement agency performed the arrest or detention?
  • When did the incident occur and how old were you at the time?
  • Were charges filed against you? If so,
    • What was your plea?
    • What was the disposition of the case?
    • When was the final order entered?
    • Please provide all documents in your possession.

i485 Processing Time

i485 processing time varies a lot by USCIS service center. There is no one straight answer. You should keep checking the USCIS website for estimations.


Do I need a police clearance certificate even if I never had any police cases in the USA or my home country?

A police clearance certificate or FBI clearance is completely optional.

Talk to your attorney to know if they think your specific case needs it or not. Most people do not need it unless they have a criminal history.

Do I need a State Police clearance certificate if I have got FBI clearance?

The state police clearance is a separate document from FBI clearance.

You should talk to your attorney to find out if state police clearance should be sent with your application package or not.

Most people do not need it unless they have a criminal history.

Can I file i485 if I am currently outside the USA and my date is current in the ‘Date of filing’ chart?

You cannot file i485 from outside the USA.

You should be physically present in the US to file an i485 adjustment of status application.

The ‘Date of filing’ chart can be used only if you are in the USA.

How can I get a green card if my PD date is current in the ‘Final Action’ chart and I am currently outside the USA?

You can file a DS260 immigrant visa application at the US embassy if your employment-based PD date is current in the ‘Final action’ date chart.

I already filed I485 and have EAD, my PD is current in the current bulletin, Do I have to get the police certificate?

You should have already filed the clearance certificates earlier.

If USCIS needs new certificates, they will send an RFE.

In most cases, USCIS sends RFE to submit a new medical clearance certificate.

Is public charge form i-944 required for i-485 filing?

USCIS has removed the form I944 starting from Mar 2021 and the public charge form is not required to file the I485 application now.

Source: USCIS i485 Checklist


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team